Mira Loma Carpet Repair

Client had new wood flooring installed. She needed us to repair the transition from carpet to wood. We installed new tack-strip, stretched and tucked the carpet.

Rialto Carpet Repair

Due to improper installation the carpet started to pull away from the tack-strip. Our tech was able to stretch the carpet over and onto the tack-strip and tucked the carpet so that the transition would look great.

Norco Carpet Repair

Our tech went to do a carpet to wood tuck because the tack-strip came loose. To do this repair he re-tacked, stretched, and tucked the carpet. The transition looks great once again.

Riverside Carpet Repair

Customer in Riverside installed the wood floor himself, but even the best at DIY have to draw the line. He called the experts to tuck the carpet where carpet and wood meet.

Perris Carpet Repair

After customer had wood flooring installed they needed carpet to wood tuck. Call us at 909-436-6080 for a free phone estimate.