Yucaipa Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can make a huge difference so don’t be embarrassed of your dirty carpet any longer. Give IECR a call at (909)436-6080. We can have your carpet cleaned within a couple of hours and the best part it dries within 3 to 4 hours.

Beaumont Carpet Repair & Cleaning

Stretching hallways can be tricky because they lead to many rooms however, they are not impossible. Take a look at this carpet stretching job done in Beaumont. After stretching the carpet our tech also cleaned it, which helped eliminate the ware pattern from the...

Norco Carpet Cleaning

Having dirty carpet is unhealthy.  Protect your family and furry friends by having your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Not only will it make your home look more warm and inviting, it’s actually better for you. Give IECR a call for a free...

Yucaipa Carpet Repair & Cleaning

If your carpet needs stretching and cleaning, we always recommend to have your carpet stretched first and then cleaned. Give IECR a call, our carpet experts can stretch and clean your carpet in no time and your carpet dries within three to four hours.

Riverside Carpet Cleaning

Doing some carpet cleaning in a home in Riverside. This room had some dark spots before but look how it turned out after being professionally cleaned. Give IECR a call at (909)436-6080 for a free phone estimate. READ YELP REVIEW: